Monday, October 18

Two, oddly related issues

AKA, why Tim shouldn't be allowed to free-associate.

So, ordination of women and same-sex relationships are the two hot buttons in the Roman church right now.  In my brain's fevered attempts to keep relevance, it noted something really interesting and amusing.  Through the vast majority of the Roman church's history, it self-identified as being the 'Bride of Christ'.  Paul uses this imagery extensively, as do many mystics and theologians down through the ages. It has been even used as a reason for the celibacy of nuns.

If the Roman church says that only opposite-sex marriage is valid, does that mean the only people who should be priests are women?  The only people who are to be in the church are women?

Does that mean that priests are in a celibate, homosexual relationship with the King of Kings?  It certainly would mean that all the male parishioners are and nobody in the Church is saying that being a good Catholic is 'intrinsically disordered'.

Oh, right...the 'new and never changed' belief is that priests ARE Christ and since Christ was a guy, then all priests need to be guys.  That means, then, that the ordained members of the Church are Christ...and the Bride is also the Groom.  It still means that the male laity is gay for the priest, bishop, Christ.

Yes, these questions are tongue-in-cheek and outline how easily we can tie ourselves in knots about things.

In seriousness, we are all the children of God, equally worthy of His love, mercy and grace.  Straight or not, male or female, slave or free, greek or jew, clergy or laity, we are all the Body of Christ.  Trying to divide the Body and expecting it to flourish is as silly as cutting off one's hand and expecting it to function.

Love God, do good and keep your nose clean.  It really is that simple.

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