Monday, October 4

Lessons from Saints - Francis of Assisi

Today is the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. Of all the saints (other than the BVM), this is the most difficult person for me to write about.

When we read about the simplicity and rustic nature of Francis' life, it is easy to forget his origins. He was educated and of money, urban and refined. The essence of his tale is that he gave all of that up. Rather than attempting to rephrase brother Thom's wonderful post about Francis or attempting to create yet another summary of his life, I will cut straight to the point.

We, as humans and especially as creatures of  21st century western culture, are suffused with a crowd of things and a near inexhaustible demand on our attentions. This very medium by which you are reading this is a vortex of distractions. I don't need a fancy this, or a shiny new that.  I don't care about Beiber or Brietbart or the Broncos.  That's not what life is about.  It isn't what following God is about.

Also?  Following God isn't about altar rails, gays in church, women in orders, liturgies in latin or commands from the curia.  All of those things are human-generated, human focused.  Francis shows us that, reminds us of that.

Love God and treat all of God's creation with respect and care.

Thank you brother Francis, for preaching the gospel at all times.  May we, like you, be an instrument of God's Peace.

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