Friday, October 1

Job - that reminds me of a funny story

The OT reading today is from Job, wherein YHWH questions the eponymous character.  For reasons I don't know (and prolly shouldn't think too hard about), I can't keep from hearing the voice of this old NY jewish guy in my head as I read this.

"Oy, you're zo schmat?  Zo tell me, den, schmat guy..."

at which point Job gets quizzed about things which physics and chemistry have been starting to figure out in the last 50 years or so.  This leads me to a funny story (cause this is how my brain works) which also has the same old guy's voice as well as the same message that Job is on about.

A cadre of brilliant scientists go to God and speak to Him.  "Oh God, we know that you were great for the human race in the past, but your creation has surpassed it's creator," they say.  "We have evolved beyond a need for you or your wisdom."

"Ach, iz dat zho?" says the Almighty, Lord of all Creation.
"Oh yes," say the scientists. "We can control the wind, manipulate the waves, even create life itself.  We have no need of you."

"Create life, you zhay, ya? Vell den, I have unt bahrgain," sayeth the Lord.  "Ve shall bot make unt human being from dirt alone, yah?  If hyu can recreate my greatest miracle, zhen I shall leave hyu in peace.  If not, zhen hyu must recognize Me az Gott und not hyour szience."

The scientists all huddle and whisper...plan and collaborate and draw up proposals.  At length, they agree that it could be done and go back to the Lord God.  "You have a deal."

So, the Almighty stretches forth his upturned hand and the dust of the earth appears in it.  He forms the earth into the shape of a man, breathes into it and it comes to life, a new Adam.  "Zhere.  Now hyu tryz it"  And God turns and starts to walk away.

The scientists stop him.  "God?  We need the earth to challenge you."

"Ach, look at zhe schmat guy.  Ya, vell, you vant to be Gott? Make your own Earth."

well...I thought it was funny.  :)

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